World oldest woman who gave birth at 70 reveals the struggles and joys of being an elderly parent.

Looking after a six-year-old can be exhausting, even for those in the prime of their life. So spare a thought 76year old for Omkari Singh the world’s oldest mother and her schoolboy son Akashvani. In 2008, Mrs Singh, from Uttar Pradesh, northern India, made headlines around the world after giving birth to twins Akashvani and Barsaat at the age of 70. The female twin Barsaat tragically died at the age of four, but her son is perfectly healthy.

Despite receiving a barrage of criticism both online and from her local community for having children so late in life, Mrs Singh, who is married to Charan, 89, says she could not be more happy. Like any six-year-old, Akashvani is playful and full of life, with his elderly mother occasionally struggling to keep up – especially when it comes to getting her son ready for school. She said: ’I am not able to bath him properly. I have problems getting him dressed. It is hard to run around and feed him. Old age is like this.’ Veermati, another mother who lives in her village, said: ’It is good Omkari gave birth to a child at this age. ’According to me they took a correct decision. They have love among each other so it is good.’ Already parents to two daughters and grandparents to five, the couple were desperate to have a boy eventually succeeding when their eldest daughter Kamla was 50 years old.

To pay for the IVF treatment vital to producing a male heir to the family’s smallholdings, the Panwars sold their buffalos, mortgaged their land, spent their life savings and took out a credit card loan. Mrs Singh said: ’I thought if I will give birth to a boy, I will become like other mothers. Without a son, there was no life for me. Because, who would own this house if I had no sons?’ While she adores her son, the 76 year-old knows that age is not on her side but hopes to live long enough to see Amritwani getting married.

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