Resham Filili Vs Bhairav

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Comparison of gross collection of two Nepali movies Resham filili and Bhairav.

Resham Filili

Movie Type : Comedy
Lead Role: Binay Shrestah and Menuka Pradhan
Released Date: 11th of Baisakha stopped at 12th of Baisakha due to earthquake.
1 day Collection: 71 Lakh
Released Date: 11th of Bhadra
40 Lakhs (2 days collection)
Gross collection: 71 + 40 : 1 crore and 11 lakhs Nepalese Rupess.
Total Collection: 265 lakhs
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Movie Type: Action
Lead Role: Nikhel Upreti and Anu Shah
Released Date: 11th of Bhadra
Controversy: Copied movie of South Indian movie.
Gross collection: One crore (10 Million) Nepalese Rupees (2 days collection)
Total Collection: 225lakhs

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As both the party announces house full during movie let see who will win the race.

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