Police inspector and other eight people are injured during clash at chitwan

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Aug 30, 2015- Clash took place between protesters of Tharu Kalyankari sabha and businessman. Nine people including a police inspector were injured in a clash at Narayangadh Chitwan during the first day of banda (shutdown) on Sunday.

Businessman in Narayangadh exerted pressure to run markets and stop banda when Tharu kalyankari sabha announces four day shutdown putting forth various demands including declaring Chitwan the provincial capital, implementing the past agreements signed with tharus amoung others. Clash between businessman and protester took place when businessman interrupt the shutdown.

Including Inspector at the Ward Police Office, Narayangadh, Satya Narayan Thapa, 9 person are injured said Chief at the District Police Office, Chitwan, Superintendent of Police Sahakul Bahadur Thapa, Similarly, eight banda enforcers were injured in the clash, said Chairman of the Tharu Kalyankari Sabha in Chitwan Bishram Mahato.
Due to protest Chitwan area was affected.

Source: Ekantipur

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