Nhu Da ya Vintuna Happy New Year 1138

Nhudanya Vintuna 1136, Nepal Sambat, Newari New Year, Nepali festival

Nepal Era (नेपाल सम्बत Nepāl Sambat) is the national lunar calendar of Nepal. The era started on 20 October 879 AD and was in widespread use for all daily purposes until the beginning of the 20th century when it came under official disapproval. Nepal Sambat appeared on coins, stone and copper plate inscriptions, royal decrees, chronicles, Hindu and Buddhist manuscripts, legal documents and correspondence.

Today, it is used for ceremonial purposes and to determine the dates to celebrate religious festivals and commemorate birthdays and death anniversaries. The year 2013-14 AD corresponds to 1134 in Nepal Sambat and 2070-71 in the Bikram Sambat or Vikram Samvat calendar.

New Year Best Wishes
Also called Nava Barsha (नव वर्ष),
Nhudan (न्हूदँ)
Type Cultural, religious (Hindu, Buddhist)
Significance New Year’s Day of Nepal’s national lunar calendar
Celebrations Cultural rallies, musical processions, sand painting displays, welcome arches, public functions, family meal
2016 date Monday, 31 October,
Nepal Sambat 1137
2017 date Friday, 20 October

Nepal Sambat 1138

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