Nepali Movie Luv Sab

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Copy and Inspiration is totally different thing. We have found that banner picture of Nepali Movie “Luv sub” is found to be copied of Siempre Dama de honor Nunca Novia, may be movie and its script also copied.

Short Info About Nepali Movie Luv Sub

Traingular Love Story nepali movie “Luv Sab” has finalized its release date on Bhadra 25, 2072 B.S. Karishma Shrestha, Samyam Puri and Salon Basnet will hold main characters of the triangular love story movie. Most of the movie scenes are from Patan, Lalitpur Nepal as per the news sources. Samyam Puri will be taking the role of a guy who can’t speak and Salon Basnet will be acting as a playboy.

Tentative Released Date: September 11, 2015 [Bhadra 25, 2072 BS]
Cast: Samyam Puri, Salon Basnet, Karishma Shrestha, Shishir Bhandari
Genre: Love Story
Cinematography: Krishna Shrestha
Screenplay: Samten Bhutel
Dialogue: Sushil Pokhrel
Music Tsujil Karmacharya
Action : Himal KC
Produced By: Sushil Pokhrel, Narendra Maharjan
Directed By: Dev Kumar Shrestha

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