Karma Shakya

karma shakya, best nepali hero

Mahesh shakya aka Karma is one of the excellent actors who have been already mahesh shakya admired by public. With in short time, he has been able to set up himself as a good actor in the fraternity of Nepali cinema. We can feel from his act that he has immense idea about art. He is an actor from the theatrical base. He regularly performs at Gurukul as well. His first movie “Sano Sansar” was enough to make him recognized. After, his one Newari movie with Melina got released. Respectively, his next movie “first love” hit the floor with big box office collection and here again – a very awaited movie “Ek Din Ek Raat” is talk of the tinsel town lately. This time, we have “Karma” in our frankly speaking segment and his friends commenting in his personal and professional life.

Interview with Karma Shakya

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