International Award to Nepali Movie Ringata

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Based on real events, Riingata Nepali is set at the end of the Nepali civil war in 2001, where a father and son are at tragic odds with one another. (It’s rumored that the filmmaker, Nischal Poudyal, may visit the festival all the way from Kathmandu.) Nepali movie “Ringata” have achieved international award.

Trailer of award winning Nepali Movie”Ringata”

Set in Northern Nepal, during the climax of the civil war that consumed thousands of lives and caused an unprecedented loss and damage to property, this fiction is the story of a father and son, an officer of state intelligence agency and a philosophical idealistic rebel. This is a story of people during tough times, of families during conflict and of idealism morphing into wicked tactical practices to win the war.

Interview with Nischal Poudyal in avenewsTelevision.

Cast and Crew

Written, Edited and Directed by Nischal Poudyal
Cinematography Manoj Kumar Pant and Pawan R. Joshi
Executive Producer Ananya Cinemakers and Nirjal Poudyal
Produced by Manoj Kumar Pant and Umesh Ghorsaini
Story by. Umesh Ghorsaini
Abhilash Acharya, Vikram, Madan Lama, Sher bd. Lama

Source: www.onlinecanadanepal

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