Hot avatar of Nepali movie Actress Priyanka Karki

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Priyanka kariki hot dance

Priyanka Karki a United States of America returned Nepali movie actress is on the peak of popularity in the Nepali movie industry in these days. She signed her first movie when she was in USA and had captured half a dozen of movies in not more than two years of time and had gained a good fan following too. She is the most busiest actress with a multiple big bugdget movies in her hand. She is mostly liked by youth as she knows what the youth wants and picks similar roles.

Priyanka karki Performing in various songs

Priyanka Karki danced in various songs in fashion show organized by Trendsetters. She danced in recent item songs like “challak challak chachalke jhai ghaila ko pani” from Nepali movie Dhuwani and others wearing Nepali dress in the ramp itself.

Hasiya Nepali Movie Item Song | Haatma Aja Ko Raatma

Priyanka Karki Dancing with Hema Shrestha in the Nepali movie “Hasiya”

Priyanka Karki has a perfect figure and had everything that needs to be in an good actress. She is an bold actress and gives her best to the movie she signs in and do not hesitate to expose as per asked by the story of the movie. She had already won a reputed title Miss Teen more than half a dozen years ago in Nepal and often remembered for that title. She had also performed in several music videos and commercials and had already made a place in Nepali showbiz.

Priyanka Karki dancing in an item song of Nepali movie “Hasiya” wearing red skirt

It is said that the item song featuring two great actress Priyanka Karki and Hema Shrestha is the highest invested item song in the history of Nepali movie. It is said that the cost to shoot the item song is almost the half of the total cost invested to complete the movie. Time will tell whether it is wise or not to invest such a amount in an item song in such a small market that Nepali movie have after the release of the movie. Whatever the producer along with director had done a good experiment with the movie and results will be wellknown within few months.

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