Hero of Paris: He was murdered for saving a life

Ludovic Boumbas, Hero of Paris

Last Friday, Ludovic Boumbas came to a café for a birthday party. At one point, the music was interrupted by gunfire. 19 people were killed among them Boumbas, who jumped in front of the bullets in order to save the life of his girlfriend.
Alongside grief and shock, stories have been popping up in recent days of heroism and sacrifice. One of them is that of Ludovic Boumbas, a Frenchman of Congolese origin who arrived at the Terrace of La Belle Café for the birthday party of his girlfriend and he sacrificed his life in order to save the life of the woman that he loved.
Boumbas, who grew up in Northern France, just “threw himself in front of the bullets in order to save a woman,” according to reports within France. The woman he saved, a waitress named Huda, was injured and evacuated to a hospital. Boumbas and 18 other people were murdered.

News Source: http://www.jerusalemonline.com
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