Hari Maharjan Project (HMP) is a Nepalese band formed in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2008.

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Members Hari Maharjan: Guitar
Rizu Tuladhar: Bass Guitar
Daniel Rasailey: Drums

Hometown Kathmandu

Current Location Kathmandu

Contact Info

Website http://www.reverbnation.com/harihttp://www.facemeu.com/hari-maharjan

Booking Agent harimaharjanpro@gmail.com

Founding members include composer/guitarist Hari Maharjan, bass player Riju Tuladhar and drummer Daniel Rasaily. HMP has achieved wide popularity with its unique sound that blends together to create a fusion of Middle Eastern influences, Nepalese folk, rock and jazz styles. Understood and enjoyed by both a National and International audience, their melodic instrumental pieces are orchestrated and ornamented with both eastern and western influences. Their Debut album, ‘Kalakarmi’, was recored in 2009 and was released yesterday on April 3rd, 2010. Technically very sound, their music is especially appreciated by musicians of various backgrounds. The band regularly has live performances in Nepal and has previously peformed with various local and renowned musicans such as Grammy winner Bishwa Mohan Bhatta, Chinese musical maestro Bian Liunian (Choreographer for the Beijing Olympics), French Guitarist Daniel Givone and Grammy winner Ozomattli (US based). The band feels that all these experiences have helped improve their skills both individually as musicians and have influenced their musical work together.

HMP have dedicated their music towards hope for the ongoing peace process and political stability of Nepal.

Source: Facebook.com

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