Happy Father’s Day 2072

father's day in nepal, nepali festival

Happy Father’s Day 2072 (2015)
Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, though it is also celebrated widely on other days by many other countries and it is celebrated in Nepal Between 30 August and 30 September. Father’s Day was created to complement Mother’s Day, a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood.

The Newar population (natives of Kathmandu valley) in Nepal honors fathers on the day of Gokarna Aunsi, which occurs in late August or early September, depending on the year, since it depends on the lunar calendar. The Western-inspired celebration of Father’s Day that was imported into the country is always celebrated on the same day as Gokarna Aunsi.
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