Facemeu Online Photo Contest 2 Rules and Regulation

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1) Facemeu Online Photo Contest (FOPC) 2(male) starts from 4th Shawan till 13th Shawan for lot 1, 14th Shawan till 23th Shawan for (lot 2) and 24th Shawan till 2th Bhadra for (lot 3).

Contestant of lot 1: CN 1 Rajesh Maharjan, CN2 Rajay Shakya, CN 3 Chiskar Maharjan, CN4 Sagar Ghimirey, CN 5 Bikal Karmacharya, CN 6 Narayan singh Thakuri, CN7 Suvin Maharjan, CN 8 Nirajan Gurung, CN 9 Suraj Tandukar, CN 10 Gopal Gajmer,

Contestant of lot 2 : CN 11 Aditya Shrestha, CN 12 Mahesh Man Dongol, CN13 Bibek Khadgi, CN14 Sabin Shrestha, CN15 Subash Moktan, CN 16 Subash Parajule, CN 17 Subash Shrestha, CN 18 Rukesh Dongol, CN 19 Nirjal Thapa, CN 20 Ujan Manandhar

2) 30 Models is divided in 3 lots and each lot includes 10 models. Online Competition will be held up to 10 days for each lot.

3) FOCP 2 includes two rounds Entering Round and Final Round.

Entering Round: This is our starting round, each model should gain minimum 500 fb likes on the photo posted in our website facemeu.com or fb page facemeu.com within 10 days to enter Final round.

Final Round: Selected models from entering round will compete for Final round. Free photo shoot will be provided for selected models for online photo contest Final round.

Contestant with the highest number of votes will be announced as winner.

In case of tie between two or more contestants, the winner will be decided on the basis of votes by all the contestants.

4) If any attempts are made to increase votes by unethical manner, the contract will be breached and facemeu will take proper action after investigation.

5) We request you all to support the competition and contestants.

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