Democracy Day

Democracy Day or Rashtriya Prajatantra Diwas is celebrated every year on Falgun 7th. It is a public holiday in Nepal. This day is celebrated in Nepal to commemorate the day when Nepalese were released from the clutches of 104-year-long Rana autocracy on February 18, 1951.

The People of Nepal experienced a life full of nightmares while under the ruling power of the Ranas. The Ranas had taken away a lot of opportunities away from the people while the members of their family were enjoying the extravagance and abundance that they had from the highest office. Anomalies such as corruption, discrimination and violent behaviors have ruled the country during this period of Nepali history.

In the efforts of the people to free themselves from this kind of government, a lot of courageous souls established groups to expel the Rana government and bring back the equality and fair treatment in the whole country. It is in this crucial time that the four martyrs of Nepal were made known which inspired the citizens even more to continue what they were fighting for. The power of the people continued to become stronger and intact. And after 104 years of struggle, Nepal finally triumphed over the Ranas on 1951.

The day is observed throughout the country with a number of special programs. Each year a special program with military parade is shown by the Nepal Army at Tundikhel. A number of dignitaries like the President (the King, before the monarchy was abolished), Prime Minister, Speaker of the House attend the function. The people also celebrate this day offering prayers to give respect and honor to the heroes of Democracy. Most government organizations and independent groups hold several activities and rallies all over the country as well. Part of the tradition also is that the people illuminate their home and establishments with lights and hold fireworks displays during the night of the celebration.

Lets call for unity, consensus and co-working among political parties and Nepali people on this day!

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