Danger Accident at Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Triangular accident between Truck, Scooter and Car.

A Tripper hits a scooty & a car in Babaramahal in the day of Naagpanchami today at Bhadra 2nd 2072…. An innocent Student died on the spot…Scooty broken into several pieces.

Now a days Babarmahal becoming most danger place while we talk about vehicle accident. A truck (Ba 3 Pa 6832) coming from New Baneshwor hits the scooter (Ba 56 Pa 4520). Scooter rider Dhurba K.C died during accident.
Truck driver drives the truck uncontrollably and destroyed the bar of divider and hits the scooter.
Another car had also collided with the truck. No other person is reported to be hurt in the incident.
Truck driver fled from accident area.

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Source: Nagarik news, onlinecanadanepal

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