Corruption is one of the major social problems in Nepal. Taking bribe or any advantages illegally and misusing the power and authority is called corruption. According to the survey done in 2004 AD, corruption is the first and unemployment is the second major problem of Nepal. Corruption causes slow pace of development of any country. In the developing countries like Nepal, corruption is widely spread.

Transparency International (neutral international agency which studies about the matter of corruption) publishes the index of corruption of the world every year. According to its report of 2006, Finland, Iceland and New-Zealand are the countries where very less corruption takes place whereas Haiti is the country where maximum corruption takes place in the World. Nepal falls in the 52nd rank in terms of corruption.

The main causes of corruption in Nepal are lack of rule of law, lack of transparency, less salary, political instability, monopoly of power, strong group of corrupted peoples, etc. in Nepal. But the corruption can be controlled. A tradition should be developed to boycott corrupt peoples from the society. The media can also play a role to aware people and government by disclosing corrupted people and corruption going on in the country. There should be the provision of transparency of the works of every government and non-government office and organization. Education should be provided to all the peoples mainly in rural areas about the causes and consequences of the corruption in the country. We should develop the habit of “Simple living high thinking”.

In this way, the corruption is being committing in our country in high rate and voice should be raise against corruption from our side so that the corruption can be controlled immediately which is making administrative work of our country ineffective.

Dipendra Shakya

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