PANTERA – Dimebag live Solo compilation

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Pantera was an American heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas. The group was formed in 1981 by the Abbott brothers – drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Dimebag Darrell – along with lead vocalist Terry Glaze.

Darrell Lance Abbott, also known as Dimebag Darrell and Diamond Darrell, was an American musician and songwriter who was a co-founder of Pantera alongside his brother Vinnie Paul, and founder of Damageplan.

Dimebag Darrell playing solos with Dean Guitar

Dimebag Darrell Guitar Medley – Pantera Solos Playthrough (Dave Evangelista)

Project one all star band live in Butwal

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Project one all star band live in Butwal.
1. Mukti and Revival (Mukti Shakya)
2. Hari Maharjan
3. Robin and New Revolution (Robin Tamang)
4. Anuprastha
5. Tumbleweed (Sarad Shrestha)
6. Shadows
7. Abhaya and the steam injuns.
and many more.

project one, nepalli band, live in butwal

live in butwal

Hari Maharjan – Pulu Kishi (White Elephant)

hari maharjan, Gypsy Jazz nepal, kutumba, top guitarist of nepal, pulu kishi, white elephant

Amazing Performance by Nepal’s best guitarist Hari Maharjan and Kutumba Band.

Song: Pulu Kishi (White Elephant) Album: Sudina Hari Maharjan Project collaborated with Kutumba to release “Sudina” at Patan Museum Courtyard” on 2 March, 2013

AC/DC Rhythm Guitarist and Co-Founder, Malcolm Young, Dead at 64

Malcolm Young, AC/DC, best guitarist

Malcolm Young, co-founder &  guitarist   of the heavy metal and rock band  AC/DC, died at the age of 64 this Saturday. He had been suffering with a mental disorder, dementia for the past three years, because of this illness he had left his band, he founded with his brother Angus Young in 1973.

Birth name Malcolm Mitchell Young
Born 6 January 1953
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Origin Sydney, Australia
Died 18 November 2017 (aged 64)
  • Musician
  • songwriter
  • producer
  • Guitars
  • vocals
Years active 1969–2014
Associated acts

AC DC Guitars game between Malcolm and Angus Young

Back in Black

Jagana Uthana by Bikash Shrestha

nepali rock song, democracy day, jagana uthana

New Nepali Patriotic Pop Rock Song 2015 “Jaagana Uthana” by Bikash Shrestha – A Powerful Song with Nepali Patriotic Vibe and Awareness.

Music Arranged By: Dipesh Singh

Camera/Edit/Direction: Wave Production
A Presentation Of Wave Production.

Narayan Gopal Yeti chokho yeti mitho Valentine Special

narayan gopal, top Nepali singer, yeti chokho yeti mithio

यति चोखो यति मिठो दिउला तिमीलाइ माया
बिर्सने छ्न साराले पुराना प्रेमका कथा.
यति चोखो यति मिठो दिउला तिमीलाइ माया
बिर्सने छ्न साराले पुराना प्रेमका कथा.

मेरो सारा जिवन सबॆ तिमीलाई
मिठा-मिठा क्षनहरु सबॆ तिमीलाई.
मेरो सारा जिवन सबॆ तिमीलाई
मिठा मिठा क्षनहरु सबॆ तिमीलाई.
मेरो खुशि मेरो सुख सबॆ सबॆ तिमीलाई.

यति चोखो…

आखा भित्र बस्नु तिमी छातीमा निदाउनु
सपनीमा पनि मलाइ सुस्तरी चिहाउनु.
आखा भित्र बस्नु तिमी छातीमा निदाउनु
सपनीमा पनि मलाइ सुस्तरी चिहाउनु.
सधॆ सधॆ तिमी मेरी माया बनि आउनु आउनु.

यति चोखो यति मिठो दिउला तिमीलाइ माया
बिर्सने छ्न साराले पुराना प्रेमका कथा.

Holiday – Scorpions valentine Special

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Scorpions — Holiday :: Lyrics: klaus meine
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Exchange the cold days for the sun
A good time and fun
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Exchange your troubles for some love
Wherever you are
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Longing for the sun you will come
To the island without name
Longing for the sun be welcome
On the island many miles away from home
Be welcome on the island without name
Longing for the sun you will come
To the island many miles away from home

Veteran singer Panna Kaji Shakya is no more.

panna kaji shakya, Tiriri Murali Bajyo, nepali singer

Huge loss for Nepali Music Industry. Veteran singer and musician Panna Kaji Shakya is died on Wednesday morning at 5.30 am at his residence at Tahachal. Tiriri Murali Bajyo, one of his the most famous song.

Born on December 30, 1931 in Ombahal, Shakya joined Radio Nepal in 1950 at the age of 19.

Shakya had recorded more than 400 songs under various genres during his lifetime.

“Tiriri murali bajyo banaimaa.” Panna Kaji.

Source: OnlineKhabar.

Nepali Rapper Yama Buddha (Anil Adhikari) is no more

nepali rapper yama buddha, anil adhikari
Native name अनिल अधिकारी
Birth name Anil Adhikari
Also known as Yama Buddha
Born 30 May 1987 (age 29)
Leguwa, Dhankuta
Origin Ghattekulo, Kathmandu
Died 14 January 2017
Genres Rap, Hip hop (known as NepHop)
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2007
Associated acts Ekadesh

Yama Buddha was born in Salakpur, Morang, the son of a Nepalese politician Ambika Prasad Adhikari. He moved, with his parents, to Terai when he was 6 and later lived in Salakpur, Morang for some years. He went to Kathmandu to study in Grade 6. He completed his SLC from The Excelsior School and his +2 from Edmark Academy

लन्डन-युवा गायक एवं चर्चित र्यापर यम बुद्ध (अनिल अधिकारी) को लन्डनमा निधन भएको छ।

शनिबार उनी आफ्नो बाथरुमा मृत भेटिएका हुन्। २९ बर्षीय गायक आफ्नी पत्नी सहित लन्डनमा बस्दै आएका थिए।

उत्तर लण्डनस्थित निवासमा आत्महत्या गरेका परिवार सदस्यले पुष्टी गरेका बीबीसी नेपाली समाचारले उल्लेख गरेको छ। बीबीसीका भगिरथ योगीसँग परिवारका सदस्यले मृत्युको पुष्टी गरेका विवरणमा उल्लेख छ।

उनको शव पोष्टमार्टमका लागि नर्थवीक पार्क हस्पिटल ह्यारोमा राखिएको छ।

मृत्युको कारण पोष्टमार्टम पछि मात्र भन्न सकिने अष्ट्रेलियामा रहेका उनका नातेदार रेश मरहठ्ठाले बताए।
source: Nagarik News

Nepal Idol – Singing Competition that change your life

Nepali idol, singing competition in nepal, Nhyoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi, nepali tara, Kali Prasad Baskota,

If you love singing the songs and want to change your life from this field, Nepal Idol will be a great platform for you. First time in here, the international standard’s reality singing competition is going to happen in Nepal. Nepal Idol is a part of the Idols franchise created by British producer Simon Fuller and owned by 19 Entertainment and Fremantle Media.
Audition date of Nepali Idol

nepali idol, audition date of nepali idol

Audition date of nepali idol

The ‘Idol’ show first started in England In 2009; producer Simon started the television reality show, which is very popular in various countries. You already knew these popular programs like British Idol, American Idol, Indian Idol and now going to start in our country Nepal Idol.

Nepal Idol on AP1 TV

Annapurna Media Network’s new product AP1 TV will manage and broadcast this program. The series aims to find new solo recording artists from across Nepal and the winner would be decided by viewers’ votes through the Internet, telephone and text messages.


Audition Cities

The selected contestant of Nepal Idol must go through the five rounds of selection. The auditions will we made accessible from the seven main cities of Nepal. Biratnagar, Birgunj, Chitwan, Butwal, Pokhara, Nepaljung and Kathmandu are the 7 cities where open audition will be held. (Date will be added in the post)

If you are age group of 16 to 30, you can participate in the first level of audition. The selected candidates from the open audition will participate in the Theater round. After that Piano round is followed by the theater round and in the piano round, SMS voting will also be made available for the further selection process. The fourth round includes the Gala round, where only the winner will move ahead to the last round. The charge for the audition is totally free according to the organizer.


Judges and Prices

Well, the very famous figures will judge the first Nepal Idol reality show. Nhyoo Bajracharya, Kali Prasad Baskota and Indira Joshi will be there.


Nepal Idol itself a big platform for Nepali talents. First Nepal Idol winner will get Mahindra KUV 100 car with 20 lakhs hand cash and much more. If you are a home singer this is a true platform for you to be a national as well as international singer. Hope you will be rock there.



The Lakhey- Lord buddha was born in Nepal lead solo

lord buddha, buddha was born in nepal, the lakhey

Upcoming song Lord Buddha was born in Nepal (Bhagwan Buddha Nepali mai Janmay ka hunn)

Lead Solo of Bhagwan Buddha Nepal Mai janmay ka hunn
Lyric, Music, Arrangement: Navras Shrestha (The Lakhey)
Guitar : Navras Shrestha
Dipen Shakya
Camera: Akhil Tamang
Facemeu Studio,


top guitarists, slash, Van Halen, Randy Rhoads

10 “Get The Funk Out” Nuno Bettencourt

9 “No More Tears” Zakk Wylde

8 “Wicked Sensation” George Lunch

7 “Jet to Jet” Yngwie Malmsteen

6 “Nark At The Moon” Jake E Lee

5 “Shapes of Things” Gary Moore

4 “Rock Bottom” Michael schenker
3 “Revelation” Randy Rhoads
2 “Sweet Child O Mine” Slash
1 “Eruption” Eddie Van Halen

25th death anniversary of Narayan Gopal being celebrated

Nepali music, classical music, narayan gopal, swor samrat, guruwacharya

KATHMANDU: On the occasion of 25th death anniversary of Swar Samrat Narayan Gopal, various programmes are being organised in different parts of the Capital on Saturday.

Gopal, the most prominent and popular singer and composer in the history of Nepali music, was born in a Newar family in Kilagal Tole, Kathmandu, on October 4, 1939 to father Asha Gopal Guruacharya and mother Ram Devi Guruacharya.

Some of his most popular songs include Euta Manche Ko Maya le Kati, Jhareko Paat Jhai, Yo Samjhine Man Cha , Manche ko Maya, Mero Pyaro Okhaldhunga, Ma ta Laligurans Bhayechu.

Gopal, who has enchanted millions of listeners by his immortal melodies, was awarded with several national honors like Indra Rajya Laxmi Award, Chhinalata Award for vocals, Jagadamba Shree and Trishakti Patta third among others.

Gopal, a patient of diabetes had breathed his last while undergoing treatment at the Bir Hospital on December 5, 1990.

View More about Narayan Gopal


Narayan Gopal Galti Hajar Hunchha by Yogeshwor Amatya

Yogeshwor Amatya, Narayan gopal, Galti Hajar Hunchha

Tribute to Narayan Gopal – 2068 (5 Dec., 2011) at Narayan Gopal Chowk, Kathmandu
स्वरसम्राट नारायणगोपाल गुरूवाचार्यको २१औं बार्षिक स्मृति २०६८ साल मङ्सिर १९ गते श्रद्धाञ्जलि तथा साङ्गीतिक कार्यक्रमको आयोजना गरि मनाईएको थियो।