UCPN (M) fixes Rs 12,000 as levy from MPs

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KATHMANDU, FEB 14 – UCPN (Maoist) has decided to set Rs.12, 000 as monthly levy sum from its 80 lawmakers at the Constituent Assembly (CA). The lawmakers get a monthly salary of Rs. 60,000 in addition to the amount received by their personal aide s.

According to party leader and lawmaker Agni Sapkota, Chairman Pushpa Kamal directed the party lawmakers to not keep personal aide s from inside family in a meeting held at the parliamentary party office today.

Dahal was concerned about the image of party being tarnished by such activities of appointing aides from inside family.

Likewise, the meeting entrusted lawmaker Hitraj Pandey to prepare parliamentary party’s statute draft and Dor Prasad Upadhyay with the responsibility of coming up with a draft on lawmaker’s code of conduct.

Earlier in the day, former Prime Minister and party leader Baburam Bhattarai had announced to not attend any programmes to be held in luxurious five-star hotels.

The Maoist ideologue took such decision in order to curtail what his aide Bishwodip Pandey described as “unnecessary expenses.”

Source : Ekantipur

Dr KC likely to end hunger strike tomorrow

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KATHMANDU, FEB 14 – Professor Dr Govinda KC , who is on hunger strike pressing for his demands for the past seven days, is likely to end his death fast tomorrow after government authorities made preparations to address all of his demands.


It has been learned that the government is preparing to urge Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to take action against Tribhuvan University’s Vice Chancellor, Rector and Registrar. Sacking TU office bearers is one of the several demands set forth by Dr Govinda KC , senior orthopedic surgeon at TU Teaching Hospital.


Likewise, sources said that the government is preparing to summon a meeting of TU Senate within the next three weeks to discuss the proposition of providing autonomy to the Institute of Medicine (IoM). It has been learned that academic, administrative and economic autonomy are on the cards.


The government is also mulling to study the prospect of opening medical colleges in rural area. Close aide of KC, Dr Kishor Khanal, who is also the President of TUTH residential doctors, said that Dr KC was likely to end his death fast at 10 am tomorrow.


Earlier, a meeting of the Tribhuvan University Executive Council had on Wednesday appointed senior Dr Rakesh Srivastava as the dean of IoM. Appointing new dean at IoM on the basis of merit and seniority is one of the major demands of Dr KC.


Dr KC had, however, declined to end his strike even after government appointed new dean, maintaining that all of his demands including the end of political interference at IoM, stop giving affiliation to new medial colleges, among others, needed to be addressed.


This is the fourth instance of Dr KC resorting to hunger strike regarding the issue of IoM dean appointment. Earlier, he had ended his 13-day long fast on January 24 after government pledged to address his demands including appointment of new dean at IoM.

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Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal resigns

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NEW DELHI, FEB 14 – Forty-nine days after he took charge of the Delhi government, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has resigned from his post after he was prevented from tabling his pet Jan Lokpal Bill in the legislative assembly on Friday in the face of firm opposition from both Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


The AAP leader wanted the anti-corruption bill immediately tabled and passed in the assembly but the Congress and BJP said it must be approved by the Union  government first, which Kejriwal disputed.

Earlier, Kejriwal said that he would give up the chief minister’s post not a hundred times but a thousand times for the sake of the country. The Jan Lokpal Bill seeks to curb corruption in high places.

“I will consider myself fortunate if I have to sacrifice chief minister’s post and my life to eradicate corruption,” he said after the assembly session was over.

In a major embarrassment to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government, Speaker Maninder Singh Dhir said that the Jan Lokpal Bill has not been tabled in the assembly as it lacks majority in favour.

Forty two of the 70 MLAs voted against the bill being introduced with the Congress and BJP joining hands, strongly opposing it.

Amid pandemonium, Kejriwal tabled the Jan Lokpal bill in the assembly. Soon after the bill was introduced, both Congress and BJP MLAs rushed towards the Speaker, leading to the adjournment of the house for 20 minutes.

Earlier in the day, Jung wrote to the Speaker asking him not to allow the bill to be tabled in the assembly.

Jung said the bill doesn’t have the required clearance for introduction in the House. The AAP leader had last night renewed his threat of resigning if the proposed piece of legislation was defeated by Congress and BJP.

The four-day session of the Assembly, which began on Thursday, has been convened to pass the Jan Lokpal and Swaraj Bills.

Kejriwal took power on December 28 at the head of a minority government propped up by the Congress that has now turned against him.

Source : Ekantipur

डनलाई छुटाउन प्रधानमन्त्री कार्यालयबाट फोन

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पालामा पक्राउ परेका डनहरुलाई छुटाउन नयाँ प्रधानमन्त्रीको कार्यालयबाट फोन जान थालेको छ । काठमाडौं प्रहरीले थालेको ‘गुन्डा अपरेसन’ का क्रममा पक्राउ परेका बलराम सापकोटा ‘बले’ र तेजेन्द्र गुरुङलगायतलाई छुटाउन प्रधानमन्त्रीकै पिएले प्रहरीलाई फोन गरेका छन् ।

स्रोतका अनुसार प्रधानमन्त्री सुशील कोइरालाका पिए लक्ष्मण ढकालले ‘बले’लाई छुटाउन प्रहरी नेतृत्वलाई दबाब दिएका छन् । प्रहरी नेतृत्वले काठमाडौं प्रहरी प्रमुख रमेश खरेललाई ‘बले’ लाई छाड्न प्रधानमन्त्री कार्यालयबाटै फोन आएको जानकारी गराएको छ । तर, खरेलले त्यस्तो दबाब नसुन्ने जवाफ दिइसकेका छन् ।

प्रधानमन्त्रीका पिए ढकालले भने, ‘चुनावअघि बलेलाई भेटेको हुँ, अहिले भेटेको छैन, प्रहरीलाई दबाब पनि दिएको छैन, तर विनाकारण कसैलाई थुन्न पाइदैन,’-नयाँ पत्रिकामा खबर छ ।

कांग्रेसका सभासद् तीर्थ लामा भने बलेलाई छुटाउन हनुमानढोका नै पुगेका थिए । ‘मलाई चुनावमा सहयोग गरेको मान्छे हो, छुटाइदिनुपर्‍र्यो दाई’ भन्दै उनी हनुमानढोका नै पुगेर दबाब दिएको काठमाडौं परिसरका एक उच्च अधिकारीले बताए । सभासद् लामा र बले दुवै काभ्रेका हुन् ।

यता काठमाडौं प्रहरी प्रमुख रमेश खरेलले भने केही व्यक्तिलाई छाड्न केही ठाउँबाट आग्रह आएको स्वीकार गरेका छन् । तर, कसैको आग्रह वा दबाबमा कसैलाई नछाड्ने जानकारी उनले प्रहरी नेतृत्वलाई दिइसकेका छन् ।

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Koirala elected 37th PM of Nepal

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405 votes in his favour, 148 against him

Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has been elected the 37th prime minister of Nepal, nearly three months after the second Constituent Assembly polls. He was the lone candidate in the voting held at the Legislature-Parliament on Monday.

The new coaliation government under Koirala will replace the bureaucratic government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi that was formed in March last  year to hold the second Constituent Assembly election.

During a voting conducted at the Legislature-Parliament today, the proposal to elect Koirala as the new prime minister secured 405 votes and 148 votes were cast against him.  Of the 571 lawmakers, 553 were present during the election.

Koirala’s party, NC, which emerged as the largest party in the November 19 election, has 194 seats in the CA.


Besides his party and the CPN-UML, lawmakers of fringe parties including Rastriya Prajantra Party, CPN-ML, Nepal Majdoor Kishan Party, Rastriya Janamorcha, CPN-United, Pariwar Dal, Samajvadi Janata Party voted in favour of Koirala. But 20 political parties including the UCPN (Maoist) voted against Koirala.

Koirala, who has been elected as the 37th prime minister, is the sixth PM after the country held its first CA election in 2008.

Source By : EKantipur

In his address to the House before the voting today, Koirala assured of holding local body election within six months and promulgate the long-awaited new constitution within a year. He also pledged to finish the pending tasks of peace process, put an end to the strikes and strengthen relations with neighboring countries. He also stressed on the need for unity and coordination among the political parties.

He also thanked the CPN-UML, the second largest party in the CA, for its crucial support in forming the new government. Koirala’s victory became certain following an agreement between the NC and the CPN-UML on Sunday.

The seven-point deal reached after marathon talks held at Constituent Assembly building in New Baneshwor on Sunday stated that the parties will go for fresh elections of the president, vice president and prime minister “immediately after the promulgation of the new constitution within a year.”


Despite his powerful position in the party during his long political career, the septuagenarian leader had never showen interests in joining government. Koirala is the fourth member of his extended family to become prime minister in Nepal’s history.

Inspired by the the social-democratic ideals of the NC, Koirala entered politics in 1954. He remained in political exile in India for 16 years following the royal takeover of 1960. During his years in exile, Koirala worked as the editor for Tarun, the official mouthpiece of the party.


A devoted member of the NC, Koirala once spent three years in an Indian prison for his involvement in the hijacking of a plane.

He has been a member of the NC Central Working Committee since 1979 and was appointed General Secretary of the party in 1996 and Vice President in 1998.

In 2001, he lost the contest for the NC parliamentary party leader to Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Koirala was appointed acting President of the party in 2008 by late President Girija Prasad Koirala. On September 22, 2010, the 12th general convention of the NC elected him as party President.


The NC emerged as the largest party in the 2013 Constituent Assembly elections under Koirala’s leadership. He was elected leader of the NC Parliamentary party securing 105 out of 194 votes against former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s 89 votes.

NC pushes Koirala as PM, fixes Cabinet set-up terms

KATHMANDU, FEB 05 – Nepali Congress’ ( NC ) Central Working Committee (CWC) on Tuesday officially proposed its party President and Parliamentary Party leader Sushil Koirala for the post of prime minister according to the party’s charter.

In implementing Article 38 (2) of the Interim Constitution after a seven-day deadline to install a consensus government expired Sunday, the NC officially proposed Koirala as PM candidate under a majority government.

The NC wants maximum participation of the parties represented in the CA in a Koirala-led government, a press statement issued by the party reads.

To ensure Koirala is unopposed for the post of PM, the CWC has formed a negotiating team to convince other parties.

During the meeting, Koirala had proposed party leader and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba lead the team, though Deuba rejected the offer saying that he was not an appropriate candidate and that he would extend support from outside.

After Deuba rejected the offer, the meeting entrusted Koirala to appoint the negotiating team. Unofficially, until now, Koirala had been giving the responsibility of negotiating with the second largest party, CPN-UML, to Ram Sharan Mahat and Deep Kumar Upadhyay.

CWC members Shanker Bhandrai and Pushpa Bhusal maintained that the NC should keep the option open to form a government with the help of the UCPN (Maoist), RPP-N and Madhesi parties if CPN-UML seeks a larger stake in the Cabinet. ”

CWC member Dhan Raj Gurung meanwhile said that Cabinet should be no larger than 25 members with preferences given to new faces.

The negotiating team is mandated to create a common ground for the drafting of a new federal, democratic and republican constitution within a year, and for the holding of local elections within six months, promoting economic prosperity, social justice and poverty alleviation.

The team will also forge consensus and seek resolutions on discouraging bandas, providing relief to conflict victims, setting transparent and accountable governance and ensuring law and order.

The team will discuss the power-sharing issue with other parties including the CPN-UML beginning Wednesday.

The meeting also drew the concern of the government to the sacking of Mahanta Tapeshwor Das of Janaki Mandir of Janakpur and urged the government to follow tradition.

The party also thanked the parties and leaders who had extended written support to Koirala of late.

At the meeting, party Vice President Ram Chandra Poudel, CWC members Ram Sharan Mahat, Arjun Nar Singh KC, Mahesh Acharya, Narahari Acharya and 20 others had voiced their perspectives.

Source: Ekantipur

PM election on ‘February 10’

KATHMANDU, FEB 05 – A meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) on Tuesday recommended February 10 as the date to elect a new prime minister. The Parliament Secretariat will unveil details for the holding of the election after an official announcement on Wednesday.

The BAC, a cross-party mechanism inside the CA, made the recommendation a day after President Ram Baran Yadav wrote a letter to the Secretariat initiating the process of electing a prime minister as per Article 38 (2) of the Interim Constitution 2007.    The president made the request after the parties failed to form a unity government as per Article 38 (1) of the Interim Constitution within the deadline of February 2. “The voting process in Parliament will begin at 11 am on February 10 (Sunday) for electing a new prime minister,” said Sushil Kumar Shrestha, a member of  the BAC.

The Nepali Congress (NC) President and Parliamentary Party leader Sushil Koirala is the lone leader to announce his candidacy for the prime ministerial race. Thirteen of the 22 parties that participated in a recent all-party meet have pledged to support an NC-led government.  The second largest party, CPN-UML, has not announced a candidate, while K P Oli has been elected the UML’s PP leader. Leaders say the party is likely to support Koirala in the House. The third largest party, UCPN (Maoist), has announced that it will not join government though will play a constructive role as an opposition party.

The fourth largest party in the CA, Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal (RPP-N), has announced that it will remain in opposition while supporting Koirala for his prime ministerial bid.

The formation of a major-ity government is likely to gather momentum from Wednesday as the UML selected its prime ministerial candidate Tuesday. Meanwhile, the BAC meeting failed to make a decision on taking ownership of the progress of the last CA after the UML objected, saying the issue should be decided after the election of a prime minister. Similarly, the meeting failed to form a panel for the preparation of the rules of procedures of the CA and Parliament.

Source: Ekantipur

Oli pips Khanal in PP vote

KATHMANDU, FEB 05 – Senior CPN-UML leader KP Sharma Oli defeated party Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal in a vote on Tuesday to claim the Parliamentary Party (PP) leadership securing 23 more votes than the party chairman.

Oli defeated Khanal after hectic negotiations in the party Central Committee (CC) and several others closed-door meetings failed to reach a consensus on a PP leader.

Oli maintained that the party will be unified, while no political prejudice would be evident in decisions. “We will move ahead in a very friendly manner,” Oli said.

Backed by the majority of party stalwarts including Vice Chairman Bam Dev Gautam, Oli secured 98 of the total 173 votes, while Khanal elicited just 75.

The second largest party in the Constituent Assembly (CA), the UML, had elected the PP leader for the first time in its two-decade long parliamentary history.

The elected PP leader Oli said he will do his best to coordinate the party and parliamentary front and play an effective and constructive role on all fronts. “There will be no prejudice against you [lawmakers] regardless of your choices in the election,” Oli said, addressing party leaders and journalists at Singha Durbar. “We asked you to exercise the democratic process and you adopted it independently.”

Oli said he will focus on constitution-writing and building a stronger party in the days ahead.

In his address to party cadres, leaders and journalists after the defeat, Khanal said Oli ’s victory was a victory for his party, for democracy and for Nepalese people. “We all are on the same ground. We will achieve a lot once we stay united in constitution-writing and building the party,” said Khanal.

The internal equation of the party dramatically altered after Vice-chairman Bam Dev Gautam, originally supportive of Khanal, announced his support for Oli .  Oli , who stood third-in-line for the post, had emerged stronger following support from Vice-chairman Bidhya Bhandari, General Secretary

Ishwor Pokharel and Secretaries Bishnu Poudel and Shankar Pokharel among others.

Oli had been competing for the post of the party chief since the seventh general election held in February 2003.

In 2009’s Butwal General Convention Oli was defeated by Khanal after he withdrew his candidacy at the last moment in a bid to elect the then General Secretary Nepal as party chief.

Party insiders say however that he lacks inter-party negotiation skills due to his “opposition mentality.”

“Like an experienced lawyer, he [ Oli ] argues to weaken opponents due to his opposition mentality that has developed from the very beginning of his stay in jail during Jhapa bidroha,” said General Secretary Pokharel.

Even some party insiders argue his presence as the head of the parliamentary party will distance the UML from the former rebel UCPN (Maoist) in the coming days.

Source: ekantipur

Dr KC warns of resorting to hunger strike

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Barely a week after breaking his death fast, Dr Govinda KC has warned to go back to strike if the government does not appoint a new Dean at the Institute of Medicine (IoM) by Tuesday evening.

In an SMS circulated on Sunday to all three secretaries of the government task force to address the demands put forth by doctors across the country, Dr KC has said he will resort if the appointment of Dean is not materialised in next two days he will begin his fast-unto-death.

Dr KC had ended his indefinite hunger strike on January 24 after a four-member government task force headed by Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office Krishna Hari Baskota agreed in principle to address three of his seven demands.

The government team had agreed to address his demands to start feasibility study on providing autonomy to the IoM; stop affiliation to new medical colleges and set up a mechanism to appoint a new dean on the basis of “seniority and work experience”. Secretary at the Home Ministry Janardan Nepal, Secretary at the Education Ministry Narayan Gopal Malegu and Secretary at the Health Ministry Pravin Mishra were the other members of the government team.

Thanking the secretaries for issuing an order to appoint a new IoM dean, Dr KC texted: “TU authority are so inefficient, irresponsible and corrupt they would not comply. For your kind information if it is not materialised within the next two days, I’ll have no other choice but to start civil disobedience again.”

The senior orthopaedic surgeon at the TU Teaching Hospital has charged the government of being accomplice of ‘medical mafia’. “If the government really wanted to address my demands earnestly, we’d already have a new dean at the IoM ,” said Dr KC.

Dr Kishore Khanal, the president of the Nepal Resident Doctors Association, said if the TU tries to appoint from dean apart from the senior most he/she will be welcomed like Dr Sashi Sharma, whose appointment by TU authorities had stirred protest at the TU Teaching Hospital. “We firmly believe in the demands put forth by Dr KC and support his for the better cause,” said Dr Khanal.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has dispatched a letter to the TU, urging it to appoint the dean at the earliest. TU Registrar Chandra Mani Poudel said they will appoint a new dean soon.

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