Bikash Shrestha Nepali Singer

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First Newari Rapper Bikash Shrestha
In music history of Nepal Bikash shrestha is one of the greatest acheivment . He is song writer, song composer and one of the top singer of Nepal. He had already past more than half of life in music. He star playing guitar when he was 14th. This guy is really music loving guy, he said that without music his life is nothing.
After starting music bikash starts to write song and also starts to compose. When friends and relative people force for album then he released his debut album i.e. Spriha at 2060 B.S. , this album contents 8 songs one of the most popular song of this album is “Gaath chaina bhaney”. This song is Nepal’s first hardrock rap video in Nepal. The album “sprisha” content 3 Newari song “syanabi” “Dan maru daya” and “Dhampa Thacha” so that this guy also know as firstNewa rapper also Nepal Bhasa rapper. Song name Dhampa thacha is also covered by the Lakhey band (Navras shrestha)
Bikash pour his feeling and he said that it really hard to write, compose and sing a song but in nepali it is more hard to released album. Althought there is lot of problem while releasing albums his respect with music , spriti and because of his fan’s love he continious released another 3 albums.
He had released “Parhkhibaseko chhu” in 2060. This album contents most of love song. He may fall in love at this duration. One of the most popular no. Of this album is Parhkhibaseko chhu which was directed by Prava Amatya. In this song you can see lots of beautiful models he added.
After grand sucess of Parhkhibaseko chhu he released another album i.e. Click at 2065 almost after 5 years then after long run he released his new album “Blaze”. This time original Bikash shrestha is came back. Bikash shretha came with is old style rock version one of the favorite no. is “Chahera”.
Rannko, hiv aids, choro bigryo, yatra and rest are also popular songs of Bikash shrestha. Song name Rannko is written by one of the great idol “Krishna Prashad Parajuli”. His song mostly arranged by Dipesh singh dongal top lead guitarist of Nepal “Lead guitarist of Robin n new revolution”.
Genre of this guy is Lok rock, Rap rock and slow rock. His almost song is composed in this gerne. So, our top singer and Newa rapper main goal is to create aware towards the country people and to develop the sense of Nepali original music blend with the international one.

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