batti deuta, nepali ragge song, nepali pop satirical song

Batti Deuta is a satirical song asking the Gods to ‘give us ‘batti’ or light. As we Nepali people consider a stone or a rock to be God, then there must be a God for electricity, water, roads and wisdom. So, this song is simply a prayer to all those gods and goddesses to give us all the things we don’t have enough of in Nepal. This video would not have been possible without the generous support of Jay Bruno Malla, who supports the Nepali music scene and musicians wholeheartedly. We would also like to thank Nishan Pradhan for his contribution. Prallen Pradhan, Jems Pradhan and the production team from Blue Ant Productions and Music Works for their great and fun production. This song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Katjazz Records by Manzil KC and is arranged and performed by Joint Family Internationale.
Source: Youtube

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