Saraswati lama and sonika rokaya viral Video.

saraswati lama, sonika rokaya, saraswati lama viral video

बोल्ने को पिठो पनी बिक्छ नबोल्ने को चामल पने बिक्दैन |
Although some Nepali media and singer Saraswati lama herself claim that, Saraswati lama is Hard Rock singer, but most of the true musician and good music listener and music lover denied this.
Worst but popular yeah, that’s the point most of the artists are popular nowadays not only because of their talent.They are popular because of some controversies which makes them viral.

Please check the planned controversial video of the host Sonika rokaya and Saraswati lama

Interview with John’s Mother

jhon tamang, reema tamang, interview with john's mother, lightnepal

The boy named John Tamang was found from the jungle.
Tamang, sixth grader at Thasikhel-based Ajaya Sishu Sadan, had gone missing while returning after watching snow in Phulchoki.

Please check the video interview with John’s mother for more details about condition of john tamang.