FOPC 4, Lot2(Feb) – Rules and Regulation

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*Please read the Rules and Regulation carefully before sending your picture to*

  • Facemeu Online Photo Contest-4 for lot 2 will start from 1st Feb 2018  till 28th  Feb 2018.
  • Anyone can participate in this competition (Entry Free)
  • Please send your photo before 20th of Feb otherwise your photo will collected for next month’scompetition.
  • Please Message your photo with clear face and please include your full Name and Address.
  • At the end of the month contestant with highest no. of votes (likes) will be announced as the winner and the winner will get the chance to photo shoot worth Rs 8000, one interview and his/her photos and video will be published in our website (portfolio).
  • Fake likes are strictly prohibited, if any attempts are made to increase votes by unethical manner, the contract will be breached and Facemeu will take proper action after investigation.
  • Contestants are allowed to mention and share to increase the likes of the photo.
  • In case of tie between two or more contestants, the winner will be decided by Facemeu team members.
  • Participants must like our page.
  • Only those likes are counted which are done in the photo posted by Facemeu in page.
  • Winner must be present for Photo shoot in the exact date and time fixed by
  • Facemeu Online Photo Contest will run for 5– 7 lots, from each lot we will get a winner and Facemeu will choose the ultimate winner within 5 to 7 selected people.
  • Ultimate Winner will get offers in our Music video or Short movie.
  • We request you all to support the competition and contestants.

कृपया नियम ध्यान दिएर पढ्नुहोस्।

  • Facemeu Online Photo Contest (प्रतियोगिता) ४, लट २ को लागि 1st February 2018 देखि 28 February सम्म हुनेछ ।
  • यस प्रतियोगितामा जोकैले पनि सहभागी हुन सक्नेछन् ।
  • प्रतियोगितामा सहभागी हुन कुनै प्रवेश शुक्ल लाग्नेछैन ।
  • प्रतियोगितामा सहभागी हुन चाहने व्यक्तिको नाम, ठेगाना सहित
    आफनो अनुहार प्रष्ट देखिने गरी page मा मेसेज गनुहोला ।
  • महिना अन्त्यमा सबभन्दा धेरै likes पाउने सहभागी विजेता हुनेछ र विजेताले Photo shoot ,अन्र्तरवार्ताको offers पाउनेछ र मा उनको portfolio बनाइनेछ ।
  • अवैधानिक तरिकाले likes बढाउन पाइनेछैन । यदि बढाएको थाहा पाइएमा प्रतियोगिताबाट बाहिरिने छ ।
  • सहभागीहरुले likes बढाउनको निम्ति Mention र share गर्न पाइनेछन ।
  • Vote(Likes) बराबर आएको खण्डमा विजेता facemeu team ले निर्णय गर्नेछन् ।
  • सहभागी प्रतियोगीहरुले page अनिवार्य रुपमा like गरेको हुनुपर्छ ।
  • Facemeu व्दारा page मा upload गरिएको photo कोLikes मात्र गणना गरिनेछ ।
  • विजेता Photo shoot र अन्तरवार्ताको निम्ति Facemeu ले तोकिएको समयमा Facemeu Office मा उपस्थित हुनु पर्नेछ ।
  • FOPC4 ५ देखि ७ लटसम्म हुनेछ र अन्तिम विजेता चाही ५-७ चुनिएका सहभागीबाट छानिनेछ ।
  • अन्तिम विजेताले Music Video अथवा Short Movie मा अवसर पाउने छ।

Winner of Facemeu Online Photo Contest4 Lot1
Winner: CN24 Rupa Gosh
Likes: 316

rupa gosh, winner of fopc 4, facemeu online photo contest , nepali online photo contest

Rupa Gosh winner of FOPC4, Lot 1

Winner of Facemeu Online Photo Contest (FOPC) 4 Rupa Gosh

winner of FOPC4, rupa gosh

Congratulation to Miss Rupa Gosh,  Cn24 Winner of Facemeu online Photo Contest (FOPC) 4 Lot 1
Total Likes: 316

Reward: Free Photoshoot, Video interview.

Winner: CN24 Rupa Gosh

Likes: 316

rupa gosh, winner of fopc 4, facemeu online photo contest , nepali online photo contest

Rupa Gosh winner of FOPC4, Lot 1

1st runner up: CN 06 Sabita Rai

Likes: 311

sabita rai, nepali online competition, voting result

1st runner up of facemeu online photo contest 4, lot1, Sabita Rai

2nd Runner up: Rikesh Shahi:

rikesh shahi, FOPC4

Rikesh Shahi
2nd runner up of Facemeu Online Photo Contest 4, lot1